Thursday 4 February 2016


Gujarat Commercial Tax department has issued a circular dated 06.01.2016 making e-payment of Gujarat VAT mandatory for those traders whose total amount payable (tax, interest and penalty) is equal or more than  Rs.50,000.00 ( Rupees Fifty Thousand) in any one tax period. This is effective for all those tax payments, including interest and penalty, required to be made for the month of December 2015 or Quarter ending on 31st December 2015, i.e. up to 22.01.2016 and also for all such amounts payable for all the tax periods there after.
Copy of the circular:

How the e-payment is  made?
Explained in the link below through snap shots:

Courtesy: CA. Kamlesh Sandanshiv
                       Vinay Kaushik & Co.
                     Chartered Accountants